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Anti aging treatment in Mumbai

Aging is a natural process of our bodies but many times it is further aggravated by factors such as exposure to excessive heat, emotional problems, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and pollution as well as lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking of alcohol. An aged skin loses its glow, appears weary and rough, loses its elasticity and develops wrinkles. Such problems can be rectified with the help of anti aging treatments. At Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center, we offer the best anti aging treatment in Mumbai that can revive the lost glow of your skin and restore your lost sense of confidence. We regularly handle the needs of patients looking for anti ageing treatment and we have a great track record of success with them.

Advantages of anti ageing treatment

The best advantage of using anti aging treatments is that it leaves the skin supple and tender, leading to complete rejuvenation. This makes a person look visibly young and vibrant. It can also have a positive impact on one’s self image and sense of confidence.

What are the different body parts that can be treated?

Here at Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center, the leading anti aging treatment clinic in Mumbai, we offer comprehensive solutions for our patients who are seeking the best anti aging treatment solutions. Some of the areas that can be treated for anti aging procedures include cheeks, chin and jaw line, forehead and the side of eyes.

What are the technologies used anti ageing treatment?

At Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center, we make use of laser technology and ultrasound to resolve any signs of early aging from our patients. Dr Seemantini Bhalla, our eminent skin treatment specialist oversees the whole process herself to ensure that every man or woman experiences the best results from the anti aging treatment.

How can the laser treatment and ultrasound work to produce anti aging results?

The two main anti aging treatments that we use in our clinic are laser treatment and ultrasound. Let’s have a closer look to see how these procedures work out.

Laser Treatment: The Laser Treatment involves using laser beams for generating heat energy that can be used for stimulating the growth of the new collagen fibers. In this way, the skin can become supple, tender and completely rejuvenated.

Ultrasound: The Ultrasound is used to enhance the appearance of the sagging and loose skin. The procedure can be easily used on numerous areas of neck and face. The Ultrasound energy is specifically designed to work right below skin surface and stimulate the formation of new collagen. This collagen is the skin protein that provides skin with its elasticity and firmness. Such a re-modeling of collagen makes the skin feel young and fresh once again.

Post-procedure care tips for anti aging treatment

Once you are done with your anti aging treatment in Mumbai at our clinic, you may be required to follow these post care tips for quick healing.

  • You may experience mild swelling for about 1 to 3 days after going through the laser treatment. Apply an icepack on the irritated skin area for about 1 to 2 days for approximate sessions of 15 minute around 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Do not use any liquids or creams that Dr Seemantini Bhalla does not approve of.
  • Skin redness is a common occurrence. It is advisable that you apply hydrocortisone cream about 3 to 4 times every day for reducing the redness. You can apply makeup if necessary.
  • Make sure that you keep your skin perfectly hydrated during this stage. Use lukewarm water along with gentle moisturizers and cleansers for 3 days.

Why Choose Us?

At Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center, we only make use of highly advanced medical infrastructure and technology to deliver the best anti aging treatments for both men and women. When you get in touch with us, we will analyze your specific requirements and then recommend you the best grade anti aging treatments for you. Our laser skin treatments can help in removal of the skin tags, complete skin rejuvenation, even toning and full restoration of skin glow.

Dr Seemantini Bhalla is a reliable expert on skin treatments and she has already managed many cases with excellent results. With her top grade professional assistance, you can certainly look and feel young in a short period of time. Our highly advanced laser and ultrasound skin treatments can help to eradicate problems such as thinned out skin, wrinkles, rough and dull skin, loss of elasticity and subcutaneous fat, dry skin, reduced blood supply and benign neoplasms. The best thing about consulting us at Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center is that the anti aging cost packages that we have to offer are perfectly affordable.


1. Is the procedure comfortable?

The procedure is mostly comfortable but you may feel a pricking or tingling sensation from time to time.

2. What happens after the procedure?

A little redness is usual which may take a couple of days to disappear. There may be a little swelling in some which also disappears in a few days. Overall the after effects are minimal compared to the great results.

3. How long does a procedure last?

An anti aging treatment procedure may last for anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes.

3. When can one see results?

Most clients can see some immediate changes. But proper results can be seen after 2-4 weeks.

4. How many sessions are required for the best results?

The sessions are sometimes repeated after about 6 to 9 months for lasting results.

Orchid cosmo laser is well known skin specialist from Mumbai. we use cutting-edge technology to treat our patients. Other than Anti Ageing treatment in Mumbai we also offer Spider Veins Treatment and Acne Scars Treatment in Mumbai.

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