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Pigmentation Treatment in Mumbai

Skin pigmentation is one of the most common types of cosmetic problems that are faced by many men and women. Skin pigmentation adversely affects the skin color of the patient. The pigmentation of our skin is responsible for the coloring of the skin. The pigment melanin is mainly responsible for the coloring of our skin. There are special cells within the skin that produce melanin. When the health of these cells gets affected, i.e. they become unhealthy or damaged; it ultimately leads to compromised melanin production. This ultimately causes skin pigmentation disorders. While some pigmentation disorders can appear as localized patches on the skin surface, others may affect the whole body.

Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center is the leading center offering skin pigmentation treatment in Mumbai. The clinic has already handled numerous patients having skin pigmentation problems in varying degrees and has helped them to get back to a normal life. The procedures that are offered at Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center are all supervised by reputed skin health specialist Dr Seemantini Bhalla who can offer reliable medical expertise to patients. At our pigmentation treatment clinic, we handle each and every case with the same kind of care and attention. This has enabled us to build trust among our patients over the years and have made Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center the leading skin clinic center of its kind in Mumbai.

Effective and safe skin pigmentation treatment options

Most instances of hyper-pigmentation are treated after the main underlying cause is detected and managed. Since exposure to sun’s rays can worsen the symptoms of hyper-pigmentation easily, it is very important to use sunscreen regularly to protect the skin. Pigmentation treatment in Mumbai usually commences with a thorough skin care regimen that is comprised of moisturizers, daily sunscreen and various skin care brighteners such as vitamin C, hydroquinone, tretinoin, azelaic acid and kojic acid. The advanced methods that are used to treat skin pigmentation include chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatment.

Advantages of skin pigmentation treatment

Here are the major advantages of availing pigmentation treatment in Mumbai here at our clinic Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center.

  • The procedure is highly effective and can remove 90% to 100% of all pigmentation signs within a few sessions as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Duration taken for every laser session is very short, and takes only about 30 minutes
  • It is much less painful compared to some of the other laser treatments
  • It guarantees improved appearance
  • There is no age limit for this laser procedure
  • It requires a rather short recovery time
  • It hardly has any side effects
  • Can be used for treating both facial and body areas
  • With this form of treatment, one can wear make-up after the procedure

Things to avoid during skin pigmentation treatment

Once you have made up your mind that you are going to avail our skin pigmentation treatment in Mumbai, it is important that you avoid the following just prior to or after the treatment.

  1. Minimize sun exposure by wearing a hat, sunscreen lotion and sun glasses
  2. Do not scrub or rub your skin aggressively by using abrasive scrubs. Be gentle to your skin for the best results.

Laser pigmentation removal procedure

Here at Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center, we can provide you with complete laser pigmentation removal procedure that can be used for a wide range of skin problems such as solar lentigos, birthmarks, freckles, melasma, Rosasea, Naevus of Ota and port-wine stains. Different forms of laser treatments can be carried out to treat varying skin pigmentation cases. If pigmentation develops in the superficial lesions, then Alexandrite 755nm Pigmentation Removal treatment can be used for about 1 to 3 sessions. Treatment can also vary depending on the area that is being treated, type of pigmentation as well as level of the time needed for recovery. The laser skin treatment is mainly a non-invasive and gentle treatment that can be carried out in a short time. The laser is designed especially so that its rays can be absorbed by the cells that have excessive amounts of pigment. This means that has no impact on the surrounding tissues and the normal skin color is always protected. The light pulses that are produced by this laser can cause a sensation of flicking of rubber elastic band which means that it does not cause any discomfort.

Why Choose Us

Orchid Cosmo Laser Skin Treatment Center is one of the most reputed clinics in all of Mumbai that offers state of the art skin pigmentation treatment solutions. No matter the seriousness of your skin condition, you can benefit greatly from Dr Seemantini Bhalla, our main skin treatment specialist who has more than 10 years of experience in curing skin pigmentation cases. We use only the most advanced technological systems to produce the best results. Moreover, the pigmentation treatment cost at our clinic is highly competitive and can be afforded by anyone.


1. How safe is laser skin treatment for pigmentation?

The process is perfectly safe for all men and women.

2. Does it cause any pain?

The procedure hardly causes any pain.

3. How many sessions are required?

It takes about 4 to 6 sessions and may depend on the type of pigmentation. A gap of about 4 to 8 weeks must be maintained between two sessions.

4. What are the aftereffects of this procedure?

Immediate darkening can be noticed after the treatment which may last for about 7 to 10 days. The dark scab-like appearance sheds off eventually after some time.

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