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How to get rid of freckles & other pigmentation

For many people, freckles can be quite cute and endearing. However, most people prefer to have skin without any signs of pigmentation and for them the freckles can greatly undermine their sense of confidence. Freckles typically appear as very small spots of dark brown to light brown pigmentation. They are mostly seen on the face, shoulders, chest and arms. They tend to get more pronounced with greater sun exposure. If you want to get the freckles removed, you should consult a pigmentation removal expert or skin therapist on how to do the same.

What Causes Freckles?

Increased production of melanin may affect certain skin cells and make them appear darker. When skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation resulting from natural or tanning lights, melanocytes lead to greater production of melanin in the skin cells which leads the skin to appear tanned and darker. Due to this reason it is important to restrict exposure to sun when you have freckles.

Along with freckles, you may have other types of pigmentation problems as well. Some of them are listed below.

  • Freckles and Lentigines that may appear on the face, the neck and the collar
  • Solar Lentigines such as sun spots, liver spots and age spots on the chest, face, shoulders and arms
  • Melasma, a condition caused by certain hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy; it often shows up as brown and dark patches on both sides of the face
  • Café au lait Macules, a type of flat pigmented birthmarks which may appear in any part of the body

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Treatment methods

Here are some of the methods of treating freckles and other pigmentation conditions.

Cosmelan Professional Peel

Cosmelan Professional Peel is a de-pigmentation peel system that is suitable for most of the skin types. It comprises of a 2-phase procedure wherein the first step is performed within the clinic. The experts are going to apply Cosmelan 1 peel to your face and then leave it for about 6 to 10 hours. There will be some extreme peeling of the skin on the 3rd day. Following this, Cosmelan 2 will be applied to the skin for preventing reoccurrence. This is usually done after a span of 7 days. Cosmelan 2 is a type of tyrosinase inhibitor and it works by effectively sedating production of the excess melanin.

GentleMax Pro Laser Treatment

The GentleMax Pro Laser Treatment is mainly suitable for the lighter skin types. Some of the benefits of using this procedure include less downtime, high patient satisfaction, diminished pain as well as fewer side effects compared to the Q-switched laser treatment method.

PicoWay Laser Treatment

The PicoWay Laser Treatment is perfect for all types of skin, including various forms of darker skin tones. The PicoWay is new generation Picosecond laser. Standard lasers are usually not recommended for treating the darker skin types as it can lead to post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH). On the other hand, PicoWay Laser Treatment can be used to achieve excellent results and remove skin pigmentation for all kinds of skin in reduced time.

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