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5 Signs That You Are Dealing With Hormonal Acne

Acnes are a common cause of worry for many women. However, even if you are done with acnes that are seen in teenage years, you may still get affected by them as adults. Hormonal acnes, as they are called, are caused by hormonal fluctuations in the body. They may have deeper health implications than the ones that are observed in teenagers.

Here are the common signs that indicate you are dealing with hormonal acne.

You are not a teenager anymore

Typically, it is the teens who suffer from appearance compromising acnes. However, if you are already an adult and in your 20s, you may experience acnes every time you go through major hormonal fluctuations. It is therefore no wonder that women going through pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding or lactation often experience a breakout of acnes. Even women who are about to enter their menopausal stage tend to have a fresh breakout of hormones.

Most of the acnes are developing around your jawline and chin

The location of the acne is yet another important thing to consider when you are trying to determine if it is hormonal acne that you are dealing with. If you find inflamed cysts developing around jawline and chin, you can safely say that they are basically hormonal acnes. The underlying reason for such acne is too much production of oil which can clog the skin pores. Excess amounts of hormones often stimulate oil glands which are often located around the lower face area. This eventually leads to a major concentration of acne right around the chin and jawline. The acnes can also be seen around the side of the face of along the neck area.

You are stressed out in a major way

If you find yourself too stressed out lately, then you can expect to see acnes developing sometime soon. Cortisol is a hormone that is released when you are stressed out. This hormone can also affect the production and functioning of the other hormones in your body. If you are someone who go through major hormonal fluctuations on a monthly basis and remain stressed out too often, you might experience a flare of hormonal acne.

The acnes are recurring on a monthly basis

Hormonal acne generally manifests in cyclical patterns similar to women’s menstrual cycles. It also happens for postmenopausal women as they tend to experience regular monthly fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen levels, even though the levels are lower than the pre-menopausal women. Breakouts of hormonal acne tend to develop in the same area each month.

The acnes are developing as painful cysts

Hormonal acnes do not typically appear as whiteheads and blackheads but they develop as painful cysts. This means that they cannot be simply extracted topically. The bumps are commonly soft and tender to touch as they have oil deposits in them which have led to inflammatory reactions. The painful cysts also become chronic or subacute over a period of time. Hence they should be treated internally with the help of medicines.

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