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Dr. Seema

(MS, Laser Cosmetologist)

Welcome to Orchid Centre for Laser treatments!!!

Lasers are in use in cosmetic industry since 10-15 years but the initial machines were very basic compared to what we have now.  Pain was associated with all laser procedures. As the machines were upscaled and upgraded efforts were made to make the procedure as comfortable as possible with the cooling tips or numbing creams. From then there have been rapid advances in lasers from hair removal to pigmentation to scar refashioning. 

Dr Seemantini Bhalla has been in the field of laser cosmetology for the past 10 years. She is well versed with the use of lasers for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and laser treatment of warts n corns to name a few. According to her lasers are amazing tools which can tackle so many different conditions. There are myriads of possibilities when lasers are used creatively specially in challenging areas like scar refashioning and pigmentation. These procedures are very comfortable and also pocket friendly 

At Orchid herbal remedies are also recommended after laser therapy. These are usually packs which have specially formulated ingredients to benefit the post laser healing and augment it. 

Visit Orchid Laser Centre for details regarding any of the  treatments. Situated in the heart of Linking Road... what are you waiting for.... ??

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