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Anti aging treatment in Mumbai

Skin Ageing Treatment by Orchid Cosmetic is a really useful treatment that helps rejuvenate your skin. There are 2 main processes of skin ageing

Anti Aging Treatment in Mumbai (Bandra East and West)


  • Smoking
  • Excess use of alcohol
  • Poor nutrition
  • Sun exposure


  • Hormones


  • Thinned out skin
  • Dull and rough skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Loss of subcutaneous fat
  • Reduced blood supply (lowered skin temperature, pallor)
  • Dry skin
  • Benign neoplasms like skin tags, lentigos, cherry angiomas, etc


  • Good nutrition
  • Adequate sleep
  • Sun protection
  • Hormone replacement
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol
  • Laser and light therapy
  • Ultrasound


  • Removal of skin tags
  • Rejuvenation
  • Even toning
  • Restoration of glow


It is used to improve the appearance of loose and sagging skin. It can be used on areas of face and neck. Ultrasound energy is designed to act below the skin surface by stimulating new collagen formation. Collagen is the supporting skin protein that gives skin its firmness and elasticity. The re-modelling of collagen causes the skin to lift. The procedure aims to restore youthfulness to the skin.


  • Cheeks
  • Jawline and chin
  • Side of eye
  • Forehead


The skin is cleansed. The areas to be treated are marked and mapped out.

Cooling gel is applied and the ultrasound energy is delivered to pre planned depth by a set of different probes. The procedure is completed in 60-90 minutes


1. Is the procedure comfortable?

The procedure is comfortable. Some feel a little tingling or pricking sensation. These sensations are only there during treatment. It is well tolerated by all clients.

2. What can you expect after the procedure?

A little redness is usual which may take a couple of days to disappear. There may be a little swelling in some which also disappears in a few days. Overall the after effects are minimal compared to the great results.

3. When can one see results?

Most clients can see some immediate changes. But proper results can be seen after 2-4 weeks.

4. How many sessions?

The session can be repeated after 6-9 months if necessary

Orchid cosmo laser is well known skin specialist from Mumbai. we use cutting-edge technology to treat our patients. Other than Anti Ageing treatment in Mumbai we also offer Spider Veins Treatment and Acne Scars Treatment in Mumbai.

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