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Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai

This is the best and most effective treatment for hair removal today

We use a diode 808 nm with in motion technology which is the Gold standard. Its sapphire chill tip makes the procedure virtually painless

The laser emits a beam of light on the skin. The light energy passes harmlessly through the skin, but is absorbed by the black pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft. The heat disables the hair follicle which inhibits hair growth. It takes several treatments to provide an extended hair free period. This is because only hair in ‘anagen’ or growing phase are targeted by the laser

Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Mumbai (Bandra East and Bandra West)

Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are temporary methods which have to be repeated frequently. Shaving may cause unsightly ingrowth. The other methods may cause pigmentation as a result of allergic reaction to wax or creams. Electrolysis can offer long lasting results but it is a painful, invasive and tedious process. Laser can treat hundreds of hair follicles at a time so is a faster option compared to electrolysis. Laser offers permanent hair reduction. One can expect the results achieved after completion of treatments to be long lasting.

Top reasons for Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai

  • Safe
  • Painless
  • Effective and cost efficient
  • No skin irritation
  • No ingrowth

Advantages of Diode over other lasers

  • Quick
  • Longer hair free interval
  • Painless
  • In motion technology
  • Fewer sessions
  • Effective across all skin types
  • Side effects less likely


1. Who can be treated?

Hair colour and skin type are the key factors that influence the success. Dark hair on light textured skin is the best combination. However it can also be used safely on people with darker skin. But it does not work for white, blond, light brown or light red hair

2. Is it painful?

Our machine with the sapphire chill tip makes this procedure virtually painless. However some clients describe feeling an uncomfortable pinching or sensation of heat on sensitive areas like upper  lip or bikini which can be minimised by application of topical numbing cream

3. How many treatments are needed?

The laser is effective in “anagen” phase but not all hair in an area are in this phase at a given time. Hence multiple sessions are required. Most areas require 4-6 sessions. Some people may require touch up sessions after regular sessions are completed

Although laser does not guarantee permanent hair removal, it does extend the hair free period which can vary from several weeks to months. With multiple treatments long term hair removal is possible

4. What happens after the treatment?

There may be some redness which is temporary and disappears within a few minutes after treatment. Sunblock creams should be used over treated areas for several days and limiting sun exposure is always a good idea. In between treatments it is better to gently shave but not wax, pluck or thread

5. Why not waxing plucking or threading before laser?

Any modality of hair removal which pulls on the hair will break the hair under the skin at different levels. So there may not be hair in some follicles just below the skin, i.e. they will be “empty” as far as the laser is concerned. These will not absorb the laser and hence will not get treated. Only gentle shaving removes the top hair while keeping the hair in the follicle below the skin intact

6. What are prerequisites before laser?

Avoid sun exposure and tanning or at least 4-6 weeks before laser

Shave gently area to be treated, the night before or on the day of laser. Do not use make up, lotions, creams or deodorant on the day of laser session. Do not bleach for at least 2 weeks before laser.

Avoid waxing, shaving and plucking for 4-6 weeks before treatment

Please check with your doctor if on any photosensitive, topical or oral medication or history of any specific medical condition

7. Any side effects

Immediate may be redness which is actually an acceptable end point. Others are uncommon if proper settings are used. They may be hypo or hyper pigmentation. Rarely seen is paradoxical hair growth

8. What is the post treatment care like?

Immediately after treatment there may be redness, swelling or itching which is self limiting. A good sunblock of spf 30 or higher needs to be used during the course of the treatment. Avoid touching or scratching the treated area. Make up,creams ,etc may be applied after 2-4 hours after irritation(if any) subsides

A few hair may be seen on the area within a few days after treatment. Usually these fall out within 4-6 days and should not be pulled out

Swimming is prohibited for at least a week as the chlorinated water may cause reaction to the laser.

Also intense workout is to be avoided for the first 24 hours due to retained laser heat and hence any chance of reaction or irritation to the skin

9. Appointment for next session of laser?

Preferable 4-6 weeks after the session or as new hair starts growing

May shave in between laser sessions

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