Skin Specialist in Bandra West, Mumbai

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Dr. Seema is very passionate about her work and has talent and expertise. She is in tune with the latest in technology and strives to give each patient personalized attention. I got skin treatments done from her and I'm very happy with the results. I got the best medical advice and I keep recommending her to my friends.

Ms Anju T. Mumbai

Sheer passion for technology is what I saw in Dr Seema and Dr Rusi when I met them the first. After a lifetime package in Kaya, it was better technology and personalised attention from a doctor rather than a total non-medico is what made me go back to them again and again.. and yes it's effective...

Ms Jyoti A Mumbai

I have been getting skin treatments done with Dr. Seema Bhalla for years now. After going to every other clinic in Mumbai, I found her to be the most efficient person who actually gave me the results I desired. She is extremely sweet and offers great advice. I usually recommend all my friends to go to her and they share similar views.


Seema nature wise is a very comforting person. She puts your mind at ease and explaining the various available treatments and which particular ones will suit you. Her idea is to come up with the best possible solution for you. I feel I have achieved amazing results with the Laser hair removal and Laser facial rejuvenation. My face looks brighter and more vibrant than before. I look forward to my time with Seema

Jaya Mumbai

I got the laser hair removal treatment done from Dr. Seema and my experience was very good. She was very hands on and gave great advise on how to take care in the future and other treatments too. I also got laser skin rejuvenation done for my wedding to give my neck and shoulders a pre wedding glow and that worked wonders for me!


@ dr Seema's clinic you can have the best experience of laser hair is said 'no gain without pain' but here i would say its only gain with no pain

Heer Dubai

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Best Skin Specialist in Bandra, Mumbai

'Beauty is power and smile is its sword’. Every word of this quote is true to its meaning. But as time passes, even a sword loses its charm, just like our skin and then we need an expert to bring back its sharpness and beauty. Here at Orchid Cosmetic, we aim to strive excellence in the field of beauty by offering a wide range of dermatological solutions, which are secure, effective and medically approved.

The Orchid Cosmetic is the best skin specialist in Mumbai as we use cutting-edge technology to treat our patients. All treatments are recommended only after comprehensive, personalized sessions with our patients. Our skin specialist in Mumbai follows an all-inclusive approach by closely tracking the needs and progress of our patients.

The leading principle of our company is based on the fact that every patient has different requirements. Since we have got the best dermatologist in Mumbai, we follow a comprehensive treatment procedure to meet the expectations of customers. This methodology helps us to develop a blueprint for the treatment and thus we use the best procedures to give effective result in less time.

Best Dermatologist in Mumbai for Acne

A company’s trustworthiness depends on the services it offers and we are proud to have a team of best cosmetologist in Mumbai, who are dedicated to provide quality services to our patients. Also, we are equipped with experienced and knowledgeable staff, who help doctors to execute the surgeries with proficiency. Also, our eminent surgeons are actively involved in scientific research.

In today’s era, cosmetic surgery and laser treatment are making rapid strides. Demand for best cosmetologist and dermatologist is increasing while advanced technology has made treatment safer & faster. Orchid cosmetic uses sophisticated equipments and tools while performing any treatment. Also, we offer new-age medications to our patients and are adaptable enough to introduce latest developments in our work to make it more innovative.

Most of the dermatologist in Mumbai offer limited options for surgery. But, at Orchid cosmetic, we offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries available across the world. We provide treatments for people of all ages based on the expertise and vast experience of dermatologist. Apart from latest and safe procedures, we are specialized and proficient in treating all kinds of common and rare skin conditions.

Best Cosmetologist in Bandra, Mumbai

Our mantra to success is to offer excellent hospitality and satisfactory services to our patients. We strive to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. While dealing with our patients, we make sure to treat them with special care and follow scientific approach and evidence-based treatments.

Whether you have a specific skin problem or just want to upgrade your current skin texture, we're here to guide you on the most efficient products and treatment for your distinct skin type. So visit us and discover your veiled beauty!